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New “Sliding Set-up” throttle Linkages

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VW Golf GTi 8v 45mm Big Bore manifold

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Mini Big Head Port 45mm Competition Manifold

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Ford Pinto OHC 48mm Big Bore manifold   more

BMW 2000 45mm Big Bore manifold  more

Peugeot 205 GTi 45mm Big Bore manifold  more

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New range of Mangoletsi inlet manifolds and linkages

For high performance classic car conversions for weber and dellorto carburettors and fuel injection throttle bodies

Mangoletsi are the oldest established tuning business, and the leading manufacturer of performance and competition inlet manifolds and throttle linkages.

This website serves as a technical directory for our full range of products and gives an insight into the manufacturing process.

We have a large network of experienced dealers, who can answer your particular application questions, provide prices, and many offer international deliveries.

The business was started by George Mangoletsi in 1926.  It has been continued by his son John for the past 45 years. In 1929 George patented a Desmodromic valve gear system, and after 85 years, and many patents later, John continues with a patent pending for the innovative new linkage system. Read more about our history

The new “Sliding Set-up” throttle linkage for Weber DCOE and Dellorto DHLA carburettors has many unique design features for easy set-up and long life... read more about the new linkages.

From the 1950s, Mangoletsi were the first manufacturers of multi-make performance inlet manifolds.  The Autosport issue of June 1961 featuring “A Mangoletsi Factory Visit” is now an Ebay collectable. See more from the archives

During the classic era of high performance tuning of production cars in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, Mangoletsi’s advanced in-house facilities provided the design, development and manufacturing capability for what is now their current manifold range for classic cars.

One of the big advantages that Mangoletsi have over many of their competitors, apart from their long-standing experience of carburation in general, is their independence.  They actually possess their own foundry (and pattern shop) so have direct control over the quantity and quality of their inlet manifold castings.  Quote from “Mango’s Hot lines from Hot metal” Gordon Bruce, MOTOR, December 16 1972.  Read the full article

More recently, the production of castings was transferred to automated facilities. However, the years of in-house experience has placed Mangoletsi in a unique position to understand and control the design of pattern equipment and to work with the foundry technicians to produce high quality manifolds. The resulting sophisticated pattern equipment has enabled Mangoletsi Manifolds to be cast in a volume production foundry, specialising in manufacturers’ original equipment, cylinder heads, blocks and manifolds.

The recent production and supply problems of Weber and Dellorto carburettors seemed to signal the end of classic carburettor conversions.  However, now Weber carburettors are once again freely available, we have made a major investment to update and convert all the patterns to produce precision castings to BS9001 quality standards on a production line process – read more about our quality and current production methods.


Excerpt of track testing of the BMW 2002

The best saloon car I have ever driven
– an experience I will long remember

Andrew Marriott. Motorsport magazine, May 1969

Over the years the power output of tuned engines has greatly increased, usually utilising larger bore carburettors.  So we have developed new big bore high flow manifolds for more highly tuned engines – in particular Golf GTI 8 valve and 16 valve; Peugeot 205 GTI; Mini A Series: Ford 2000 OHC: Ford Xflow; Ford Zetec; Vauxhall 2 litre 16 valve redtop: BMW 2002: Jaguar 6 cylinder and V12:  Datsun 240Z.  The flow of a further 11 manifolds has been increased. See the full range of Inlet Manifolds

Spike Anderson’s legendary Samuri 240Z


See the full range of Datsun manifolds

We have always had a dedicated factory and pattern shop for the design and production of conversions for the aftermarket and manufacturers’ competition departments – BMC/British Leyland; Ford; MG; Rootes Group (Hillman, Hunter, etc); Simca; Triumph; Vauxhall - and branded our products for other well-known tuning equipment manufacturers, including John Sprinzel; Jack Brabham; Broadspeed; Taurus; Forward Engineering; Samuri (Datsun 240Z); Janspeed.


Alfa Romeo P3
One interesting project concerned the old Alfa P3 – of  JCB’s Anthony Bamford, who had experienced major problems with the engine.  The head and block were cast in one piece on this car, which makes it especially difficult to make.  We flew our people out to the Alfa museum, got copies of the original drawings, and then made up patterns back at the works.”----  “Of the 15 -20 assorted Alfas using the two 4 cylinder blocks that made up the 8 cylinder P3 engines, nearly every one now has a Mangoletsi block”
Ferrari Competition News issue 154 – 2002. Article on Mangoletsi

Mangoletsi manifolds are widely used with Weber flanged fuel injection bodies. read more

New classic and modern manifolds will progressively be introduced.





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