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New Innovations for Classic Cars



Large investments are made into carburettor and inlet manifold systems.  However, to get the best results from your kit, the need for a quality and technically advanced throttle linkage is often overlooked.

The new Mangoletsi “Sliding Set-up” linkages provide a system that is aesthetically pleasing. They are low profile and the casting is designed to the shape of the carburettor tops to retain the classic look.  The linkages are designed to accept a wide range of pedal movement.  The rate of throttle opening and the tension of the twin pull-off springs are adjustable.  The linkages are manufactured for competition use, utilising 5 oilite bushes.  Comes complete with levers and a spares/service kit and tools.

Single and twin cable systems are available.

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The Golf GTi 8 valve engine is one the most widely tuned. However there has always been an inherent problem in obtaining good breathing. The inlet and exhaust ports are on the same side of the head. Thus the shape and size of the inlet port is severely restricted. Add to this the fact that many Golf Weber inlet manifolds were designed many years ago for 40mm carburettors. So, whilst highly tuned engines using 45mm carburettors will give excellent torque, they will not achieve the engine’s top-end potential,fitted to opened up 40mm manifolds

The main restriction is caused by the manifold/head bolts which are common to both the inlet and exhaust manifold – they encroach into the inlet ports.

To resolve this problem stepped studs are supplied – 8mm into the head, down to 6mm through the inlet. The new castings have porting that is completely redesigned for optimum flow. The manifolds are then fully polished

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NEW MINI 4030-45 AND 4050-45

Mangoletsi manifolds are widely used by many leading Mini tuners. We have developed new inlets to give substantially increased flow.

The standard Mini inlet is combined with the exhaust manifold and is located to the head with spigot rings. Usually cast inlet manifolds for Webers are bored to fit over the spigot to ensure correct alignment. For high performance engines the spigots are removed, leaving a larger bored port in the head. The port is then opened up into the head for greater flow. Normally, without the spigot, the new manifold has to be dowelled to the head for perfect alignment.

Our new Competition manifolds have an outlet port diameter of 34.3mm The new manifold is cored out progressively from 34.3mm to 45mm, and then fully polished for optimum flow.

To ensure correct matching, the manifold is machined to the exact head port centres. The two centre half holes are drilled to a tight tolerance to act as dowels.

The new manifolds enable greater power and a precise match to the head – saving a very laborious and costly job.

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Over the past two years Mangoletsi cast inlet manifolds have progressively been re-developed to give greater flow. Most of the manifolds available on the market for classic cars were designed many years ago for 40mm carburettors, and tuners then opened them up to accept 45mm carburettors. This does not give an optimised port diameter from carburettor to head port.

Our new 45mm and 48mm Big Bore manifold castings have progressively cored out and optimised port sizes, and are then fully polished.

Ford Pinto OHC 48mm Big Bore manifold - Technical Details

BMW 2000 45mm Big Bore manifold - Technical Details

Peugeot 205 GTi 45mm Big Bore manifold - Technical Details




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